Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chandler's first swim meet

June 12, 2012 Today was Chandler's first ever swim meet. He was SUPER nervous. He even asked, "Why did you sign me up for this, Mom?" I assured him that you're always nervous the first time you do something. Fortunately for all of us, he has had the opportunity to do swim team everyday with two of his cousins, Daniel and Jacob. That has been great for him. Once we met up with them, he seemed to relax a bit.

This was right before his first event, 50 m Freestyle.  Can you see the nerves?  He swam great.  I think he got 3rd in his heat and 10th overall in his age group (out of 22).

Just about to get on the platform.

Off he goes...

The other kids kept busy between events, watching Preston play on his Batman 'laptop'
Ever the supportive brother, Ashton modeled Chan's goggles

Getting ready for his second event, 50 m backstroke.  Nerves still visible.

In the water, ready to go.  He ended up 12th out of 19 in his age group.  

We are so proud of Chandler and how hard he is working at swimming. Toward the end of last week, we thought something was bothering him or that he was getting sick. He was so quiet. We kept asking him about it and it turned out he was just totally exhausted from swimming laps everyday for an hour. I don't blame him! Way to go, Chandler!

2012 Summerfest parade

The first thing you should know about this parade last weekend is that it was FREEZING and super WINDY. It's one of the few parades around these parts that is held in the evening, and that is normally one of our favorite things, but it made for some cold boys.
The boys hung out in our little shelter thing waiting for the parade to start.  Some of them were not very excited about the weather.  (Chandler, Daniel, Anson, Preston, Jacob, and Joshua)

They perked right up when the Mountain View Bruin wanted a picture with them.  They are our rival school, but we were pretty nice since the bruin was friendly with the boys.  Take note, Orem Tiger!

Chandler ran right out into the street to break a board with one of the local karate places.

Jared with a FREE Pepsi he got from one of the grocery store floats.

Ashton loved getting the candy.  One of my favorite things about this picture is our cute friend, Savanna dancing to one of the marching bands.

Only in Utah county will you see a float like this.  Yep, that's Elizabeth Smart on the side.  :)

2012 Summerfest Carnival

Summerfest (our city's annual celebration) is one of our family's favorite traditions.  We spent way too much money at the carnival (as usual), but we figure it's an investment in memory.  Highlights included a maiden voyage on the Gravitron for Preston and me (bleh), and lots of greasy food and shaved ice.
Chandler getting off of the big slide

Preston on the big slide

Ashton riding the cars

Ashton and Jared checking out one of the ambulances they had on display.  Let's hope this is as close as he gets to the inside of one.

Ashton on the front of what he calls 'Fire Big Truck'

All three brothers driving the fire engine.

Chandler riding the crash simulator--he crashed into Preston (see below).

Preston on the other side of the crash simulator.  The thing only simulates a 5 mph crash, but you can still really feel the impact.

Ash and Preston on the mini roller coaster.  Preston's at that very unique age where he can still ride the baby rides and is just big enough for the BIG rides.

Preston and Ashton on the boats.  That bell got really irritating after about 10 seconds.

Chandler and Dad waited patiently in the shade while Preston and I rode the ferris wheel.

2012 Summer Baseball

This year Chandler is playing machine pitch again and Preston is playing coach pitch.  They are both having a great time and doing really well.
Preston, Ashton and Chandler before Preston's first game of the season.  (Chandler hadn't received his shirt yet).

Ashton and Mom--aka the cheerleaders

Preston at bat

Chandler at bat

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ashton's stitches

I have always been proud of the fact that in spite of having three active boys, we have never had ANY stitches in our family.  It's one of those weird things that just didn't happen to us--despite close calls that occur almost daily.  Then May 18, 2012 came along.

Ashton loves to ride his zebra around our cul-de-sac.  He was riding on the sidewalk and crashed.  He landed chin first on the sidewalk and split it open.  This was about 20 minutes before I was supposed to take the older boys to a friend's piano recital.  Jared offered to take Ashton to the pediatrician's office for the stitches.

After the recital, I went to see how it was going. I walked into the room and immediately thought that Ashton was sedated.  They assured me that he was not; he was just lying perfectly still and quiet.  It was so unlike him, but he must have realized that this was serious business.

Our sweet boy after he was done.  He was given a couple of stickers afterward and he couldn't have been happier about that.  I went back to pick up the older boys and Ashton joined them immediately on the trampoline.  He was right back in the action.

I think 9 1/2 years with 3 boys and no stitches is still a pretty good streak.  I've also learned not to say things out loud or I'll jinx myself!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Memorial Day weekend

We spent Memorial Day at the cabin this year.  The kids had a great time hanging out, fishing, playing on the swings, playing games, visiting with friends and family, and swimming.  One of their favorite games was invented by their Dad.  He named it, "show the branch who's boss."  You swing on the big swing and then kick the branch.  This is, apparently, REALLY fun for little boys.

Chandler with his new Camelbak at the cabin

Preston and Ashton playing Chinese Checkers

Ashton at the cabin.  If you look closely,
you can see the stitches in his chin.

Ashton riding the 'horse' at the cabin

Xander, Chandler (not too excited about having his picture taken again), Salem, Sutton and Preston on the swing set at the cabin.

Preston getting ready to 'show the branch who's boss.'  In case you were wounding, Preston was boss in this case.

We fished at Wasatch Mountain State Park.  We haven't always had great success there, but this time the boys did great.  Preston caught three fish and Chandler caught one.

All the boys with the fish

Our two amazing fishermen

Fortunately for all of us, Jared grew up fishing, so he knows how to remove hooks, clean the fish, and even cook them.
Look, I'm even in a picture!  Fishing with Ashton.

Preston, Chandler, Salem, Xander and Sutton eating at Hi-Mountain Drug in Kamas.  It's one of our favorites!

2012 Field Day

Field day holds such fond memories for me, that I'm always more excited than my kids are (although, it's close). My boys had such a great time this year.
Chandler after his class race.  He just missed making the grade level finals, which , in my opinion, is almost worse than getting 9th or 10th place.  (see second video below)  He was a great sport as always, though.

Preston, after his race.  He came in second (see first video below) in the race, and then fourth in the finals.

Very studly spectator Ashton

Christian, Kolton and Chandler--good times with good friends.

Preston and his friend, Dylan.
Please ignore the cheering mother's voice in these video clips.  I tried to not yell, but you know how it goes...   :)